• - Alphatox is made of genuine natural hand-picked herbs grown in controlled atmospheric and soil conditions with proper care to ensure the best quality.
          • - Easy to use the product. Buy, open, heat water, mix, drinks and get a healthier thinner body.
          • - Due to the addition of natural flavoring agents, it tastes good unlike most of the competition in the market at the moment.
          • - Has many varieties to choose and buy from all of which are reasonably priced.
          • - With a little workout and a healthy diet plan, in addition to Alphatox, it is perhaps the best product to lose weight healthy and fast.


          • - Active living helpful micro-organisms – bacteria and fungi (yeast) called probiotics are however missing.
          • - Might affect pregnancy, breastfeeding or contraceptive pill actions.

          Alphatox is a commercial tea aimed at fitness enthusiasts who wants to lose weight and maintain a perfect figure all-round the year and not work much for it.

          Alphatox is probably the best product available for the purpose. It is a medically proven and certified fitness tea that serves its purpose better than any other product in its category.

          A few Details about Alphatox

          Some basic characteristics and functions of the product:

          32x32Made with 100% organic ingredients
          32x32Scientifically formulated to be safe and effective
          32x32Increase energy and focus
          32x32Free of gluten
          32x32Boosts immunity
          32x32Clear skin and body from impurities
          32x32Naturally lose weight
          32x32Increase in circulation and mobilize fat
          32x32Appetite suppressor
          32x32Burns calories
          32x32Improves digestion reduces bloating and aids toxin elimination


          Effect of the ingredients used:

          32x32Goji Berry: It is a very good source of many important and useful vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and many others. Other than that, antioxidants, fibers, iron are present in high quantity. It also contains complex carbohydrates that raise blood sugar slowly while keeping calories at a low. High fiber content promotes weight loss in a natural way and a smoother bowel motion. Antioxidants and Vitamin C also increases immunity like nothing else.
          32x32Thyme Leaf: It is a green colored leaf that is rich in fiber, iron, manganese and copper content that alongside other nutrients essential for the proper functioning and well-being of the body. There is no deficiency of vitamins as well, as Vitamin A and Vitamin C are present in abundance which needless to mention, promotes immunity and prevents diseases, besides keeping you looking younger.
          32x32Oolong Leaf: This is a very important ingredient and has a lot of positive effect on the body. Let’s try to dig a bit deeper. Its primary function is destruction, reduction, and prevention of formation of fat inside the human body. It achieves these by burning fat faster due to raised metabolism of the body cells. An inhibitor known as polyphenol inhibits enzymes that are responsible for the buildup of fat. Cholesterol levels are hugely reduced preventing heart attacks and ailments. Contains caffeine, therefore, bumps up mental alertness, sharpness, and performance. Contains antioxidants that make your skin look younger. Helps in digestion and prevents bloating by alkalization of the digestive tract and reducing inflammation. Its antiseptic properties help cleanse the stomach by eliminating bacteria. Prevents osteoporosis by assisting absorption and retention of calcium and potassium. Shows anti-cancer properties and boosts immunity.
          32x32Pu’erh Leaf: If consumed regularly, helps lower cholesterol significantly, which is proven by medical research. Reduces serum cholesterol promotes weight loss and protects the cardiovascular system.
          32x32Rose Flower: Famous for its antibacterial properties that are essential for treating acne-prone skin. High concentration of antioxidants and Vitamin C which protects the skin from radiation damage. Anti-inflammatory properties that reduce red and swollen injuries on skin. Provides natural moisturizing properties for the skin.
          32x32Lemon Grass: Aids digestion with antiseptic properties which kill bacteria and other harmful microorganisms inside the digestive tract of human beings. Lowers cholesterol level by reduced absorption of cholesterol. High concentration of potassium that helps reduces blood pressure. Acts as analgesia by relieving from pain due to flu. Have anti-cancerous and anti-carcinogenic properties. Has been known for reduction of pain caused due to Arthritis which is done by its anti-inflammatory properties.
          32x32Sage Leaf: This herb has been used for thousands of years and is an important medicinal herb with many medical applications like aromatherapy, rheumatism and muscle aches. Medically proven to upgrade memory and enhancement of mental clarity and focus. Important for treatment of cognitive degeneration due to Alzheimer’s disease.
          32x32Dandelion Leaf: Just like the above incidents, it provides aid to digestion, balances natural bacteria inside the intestines and stimulates appetite. Increased secretion of Digestive enzymes for assisted digestive properties. Replacement of potassium lost in the process of cleaning of kidneys from excess water, waste and dissolved salt by increased urine production, which in turn also lowers blood pressure. Rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin C that promotes good health and better skin. Regulates Insulin levels and blood sugar level by controlled lipid production.
          32x32Persimmon Leaf: Finally, last but not the least, this leaf contains very high concentration of almost all of the important vitamins. Much more in concentration than any other vegetable and is responsible for proper controlled metabolism.


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          Alphatox has satisfied its customers worldwide with its superior quality and service which is incomparable to any other product in this segment. Alphatox comes in many shapes and sizes. Let’s have a look at some: 14-day or 7-day Premium Detox Tea Cycles which starts from $20 14-day or 7-day Alphatox Slimming Tea Cycles which starts from $20 Alphatox 14-day Detox & Slimming Cycle Bundle at $60

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