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28 Day Tea Detox

28 Day Tea Detox provides with a plan for body to do detox in day time. This is needed for so many reasons. Stomach and body systems loaded with too much food particles make individuals sluggish. Above all eating unhealthy food can actually lead to decrease in energy level. This is because food does it […]

YogiTea Detox

YogiTea has been producing delicious herbs and spices teas for over 40 years. Their tea recipes are based on the old Ayurvedic teachings, a 3,000 years old Indian, with a goal to balance mind, body, and soul. The YogiTea Detox is a 100% natural tea supplement and it’s dairy, egg, fish, gluten, milk, peanut, shellfish, […]

Your Tea

Your Tea is probably the few of the best components of the long list of products that the company sells. All of the products are however quality tested and maintained for the best it can produce.
It does have a range of weight loss products starting from detox tea to skin detox which includes body teas, […]

Skinny Me Tea

Skinny Me Tea is nothing more than a powerful and effective detox tea that actually works! If you are on a strict diet and work out very hard every day but still not seeing satisfactory weight loss results, then this product is for you!
It promises results within the first few days of using the product. […]

Lyfe Tea

Lyfe Tea as we all know it is a fitness tea that is aimed at proper and efficient weight loss alongside maintaining a good health that brings out the inner beauty of you.
As the name indicates “Lyfe” it keeps your body in shape, boosts immunity and much more at a very affordable price.
Lyfe tea is […]

Skinny Fox Detox

Most of us love to drink tea early in the morning. For some people, having a cup of tea is compulsory to recharge their body and it is always better to prefer tea that is healthy and beneficial. The craze for green tea is increasing continuously but the health benefits it can offer is limited. […]

Shredded Tea

If you regularly drink tea, you are lucky as several healthy teas are available three days. When compared to regular tea, they can help consumers in many ways. Also, you don’t need any special occasion to drink tea and tea is much popular than all other beverages. Several companies are releasing green teas, flavored teas […]


At present, several health supplement manufacturing companies are releasing tea bags and tea powders to enter the continuously increasing tea market. Tea is equally popular all over the world, be it China or the USA. As per some reports, everyday close to 3 billion cups of tea was consumed and more than one hundred and […]

Stay Lean Tea

Stay Lean Tea is a tea Detox that has multiple beneficial impacts on human body. It is prepared by blending many natural herbs with herbal tea leaves. Stay lean tea detoxifies the body from harmful impurities and increases body’s metabolism. This helps in weight loss, maintains pH in stomach, cleanses the digestive tract and helps […]

Matefit Me

Teatox is a natural tea made up of berries, herbs and traditional tea leaves. As compared to traditional tea, it has wide range of benefits. Traditional tea that only activates the brain has very limited functions. Teatox tea benefits the body in many ways. The best of product is that it is complete natural Superfood […]