• - All the ingredients used are natural extracts from the natural flora of mother earth.
          • - It is nothing but tea with added healthy components.
          • - With the help of some mild workouts, our Bootea teatox product, and a healthy diet, you can easily loose the extra weight and get back in shape in no time as such.
          • - Bootea assists your digestion by stimulation of release of specific enzymes required for digestion which normally take a lot of time to secrete.


          • - The absence of probiotics in the product might upset some.
          • - It is not recommended to take the Product during pregnancy and lactation.

          Bootea has been found out to be the one of the world’s top selling and most successful teatox drink available. Its success stories go beyond the reach of any other product in the market in the same segment.

          Every single ingredient used in the tea is perfectly natural and are made from mother earth with all the love and care it can get so that you get the best quality ingredients which provide you with the best results as fast as possible.

          The product is vigorously and individually tested before it reaches you. So, you never have to worry about the quality of the product that you’d get. It’s always at its best!

          Bootea is not just successful; it’s much more than that. Thanks to your trust on us over all these years.

          Let’s dig deeper

          The basic characteristics of Bootea are given as follows:

          32x32It’s an all-natural product, no artificial additions to it.
          32x32We provide worldwide shipping with 1-day delivery in the UK and 1-3 days delivery in the USA.
          32x32It contains no added sugar and no carbohydrate
          32x32Unlike other products, Bootea is actually good to the taste.
          32x32Every batch of the tea is tested before it lands in your hands.
          32x32It contains no added preservatives of any sort.

          The working formula and some other details about the product

          32x32Origin of the ingredients: The ingredient with which the tea is made of is not new or newly prepared. So there are almost no side effects or chances of so either. All the raw ingredients that we use already have been on the use for several years. All we did is through vigorous research and testing, found out the viability and assembled all those ingredients together into one packet ready to be taken in, in a blow!
          32x32Parts of tea: We have made 2 parts of the tea. One for the morning and one for the night. It has been scientifically proven that it works best when the right component is provided to the body when the body needs it the most. So having all the ingredients at once is not a very effective or efficient solution. It does work, but not as good as it should. We have thus devised a way to split the ingredients into two different parts forming to separate products in one box. These are:
          -Daytime tea
          -Bedtime tea


          We’ll get to how they work in a little bit.

          Ingredients used:
          32x32Daytime tea: Nettle leaves, Chinese Oolong tea, Ginger root, Maté leaves, Fennel seeds, Ginseng root, Dandelion leaf, Gotu Kola leaves, Lemongrass.
          32x32Bedtime tea: Peppermint leaves, Liquorice root, Fenugreek seeds, Burdock root, Valerian root, Hawthorn leaves, Senna leaves, Psyllium seeds.

          Let’s see how do they work: The daytime tea is supposed to be had every single morning throughout the course time without break or fail. It contains caffeine, so it provides your body with the extra energy that it needs to start the day. Not just this, it also keeps you energetic and active throughout the course of the day and makes sure that you can stay more focused on your work. The more focused you are; more is your productivity. Imagine that happening every single day. Moreover, the ingredients ail your digestive system as well and help you digest your food for the rest of the day.

          Alright, the daytime tea does all that. But what does the bedtime tea do? Well, its prime function is to cleanse your exhausted body and prepares you for a good night sleep. This also helps in digestion and helps your body to get rid of all the toxins that have been accumulated throughout the day.


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          Bootea has been successful across the globe since day one of its release. Bootea comes in various forms and packets. Some of them are: 14-day Tetox costing $28.87 28-day Tetox costing $50.54 Bootea Shake costing $34.65 The Bootea Bundle costing $72.21

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