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The Science Behind Detox Tea

For eons, herbalists have utilized nature herbs for medicinal properties. Now these herbs are used against modern lifestyle problems like detoxification of our bodies and for weight loss.

A good herb with years of experience and success is tea. Tea is one of the earliest beneficial “magical” herb discovered in China and quickly became a global […]

Are There Differences Between Weight Loss Teas And Detox Cleansing Teas?

While weight loss teas and detox or cleansing teas are similar and have similar actions, each tea is blended with very specific goals in mind. Yes, there are differences in ingredients and results.
Weight Loss Teas
Weight loss tea blends which often contain green teas are intended to boost your metabolism, causing you to burn more fat […]

Benefits Of Following A Detox Tea Program

We’re always looking for new ways to keep our bodies fit and healthy, but sometimes the old ways are best. Herbal teas have been used for centuries to cleanse and rejuvenate and Detox Teas are a unique modern blend of these ancient natural herbs and herbal teas.
Our bodies are subjected to toxins every day, through […]

Detox Tea For Health And Beauty

Detox tea has been getting a lot of BUZZ of late, major acknowledgments to the hoard of celebrities attributing their weight loss regimen success to these natural tea detox products. Also known as weight-loss tea, skinny tea or cleansing tea, is basically a recipe consisting of hot water marinated in herbs or other plant products […]