Kusmi Tea – Detoxifying Agent

Kusmi Tea – Detoxifying Agent











          • - Weight loss: Clinical tests have proved the efficiency of green tea and mate tea as supplements assisting weight loss.
          • - Boosting metabolism: Green tea, as well as mate tea, contains a higher concentration of antioxidants.
          • - Improves digestion - The lemon grass in the Kusmi tea helps in treating digestive problems.
          • - Excellent flavor: Kusmi tea has an intoxicating flavor in the sense that it can attract anyone with its supremely sweet smell and taste.
          • - Good for people with diabetes: The yerba mate has proven anti-obesity qualities.


          • - Drink in moderation: You should know that excess of anything in the world is bad.
          • - Medical supervision: People with pre-existing health problems and under medications should consult their doctor before consuming this tea.

          Kusmi tea, a brand of blended Russian teas, has its headquarters in Paris, France. The Russian teas are in fact a combination of Chinese, Indian, and Sri Lankan teas flavored with natural scents such as cinnamon, citrus fruits, and so on. The manufacturers claim that these tea blends have detoxifying properties and can aid in weight loss.

          Features of Kusmi tea:
          The key ingredients of Kusmi tea are Green tea, mate, and lemon grass. These three ingredients have detoxifying benefits and can prove helpful to Man in weight loss programs. We shall see how these ingredients go on with their jobs.

          Green tea:
          They obtain the green tea as well as the black tea from the same plant. The difference between the two is in the methods of their preparation. You require a fermentation process to prepare black tea whereas steaming the leaves would be enough to prepare green tea. This ensures a greater percentage of antioxidants in green tea thereby proving more effective in the detoxifying process. Green tea has medical acclaim as an agent, assisting metabolism. Research has also proved that green tea is useful in the cure of deadly diseases such as cancer. Regular consumption of green tea can reduce blood pressure. The antioxidants in the green tea help in burning the fat and thus aid weight loss.

          Mate tea:
          People also know this ingredient as the Yerba mate. The mate has properties that aid in weight loss. In fact, they extract the yerba mate from a plant related to the holly tree. You can usually find these trees in South America. However, they have use all over the world as a weight loss supplement as they enhance the speed of metabolism. They also have the capacity to burn fat.

          Lemon grass:
          The leaves, as well as the oil of the lemon grass plant, have great utility as a traditional medicine to treat ailments such as cough, cold, fever, and vomiting. Though lemon grass does not have a record as an agent of metabolism, it is useful for the treatment of digestive problems. The ancient scriptures extol the virtue of lemon grass in treating such problems since time immemorial.


          How does the Kusmi tea work?
          Kusmi tea helps the body in two ways. One is by thermogenesis and the other by increasing the rate of metabolism. It also helps in improving the digestive system of the body. The caffeine content in the Kusmi tea can treat problems of anxiety and depression if consumed in right quantities.

          How do you use Kusmi tea?
          Kusmi tea is available as a tea bag. You should brew this tea bag in hot water maintaining a constant temperature of around 85 to 90 degrees. The catalog states that you should be brewing this tea for about four to five minutes for extracting the full essence. You can also have it as an iced tea.

          The catalog states that you can have this tea at any time throughout the day. However, medical experts are of the view that one should avoid drinking this tea after 4.00 pm as the caffeine content in the tea can interfere with the central nervous system and cause difficulties in sleeping. Nevertheless, for people who wish to have instant energy and requirement for keeping awake during the nighttime, this tea is excellent.


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          Kusmi tea is a kind of herbal tea. It has medicinal qualities. It has the capacity to boost energy levels instantly. You have to agree that the tea has an excellent flavor too. However, you should not consume this tea in excessive quantities as it can have a detrimental effect on the body. Otherwise, overall this is a good product with excellent weight loss and detoxifying properties. The tea is undoubtedly expensive as you get 20 sachets at $16.70. However, it is worth the cost.

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