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          • - It is made of natural herbs, so you needn’t worry about drinking any artificial and harmful chemical components that might prove to be injurious to health.
          • - It is a very easy to use a product where you cut the packet, mix in boiling water, infuse tea and drink.
          • - Contains natural flavoring agents.
          • - It is easy to achieve the desired shape of your dream body by using this product.
          • - It not only makes you lose weight, it also improves your health and immunity and has your back during the next flu outbreak.


          • - There is a lack of the inclusion of probiotics, which is live helpful bacteria and fungi that are essential to aid digestion.
          • - Even though there are no serious side effects, there still might be a few mild side effects like a headache and frequent urination.

          Lyfe Tea as we all know it is a fitness tea that is aimed at proper and efficient weight loss alongside maintaining a good health that brings out the inner beauty of you.

          As the name indicates “Lyfe” it keeps your body in shape, boosts immunity and much more at a very affordable price.
          Lyfe tea is prepared in under quality controlled conditions with vigorous testing at out specially designed and maintained laboratories so that you get the best of both worlds.

          Let’s Unfold the secrets of Lyfe Tea

          Some tips and tricks of the product are as follows:

          32x32Natural sweeteners like fruits and honey can be added to the tea to intensify the already awesome taste.
          32x32Lyfe Tea can be added to the smoothie of your preference to make it more awesome.
          32x32Nobody forced you to have Lyfe Tea hot! There is always a way to add ice and have it cool and refreshing. Give it a try!
          32x32We suggest you to drink lots of water for a smoother detox experience.
          32x32Lyfe tea doesn’t only make you thin, it also boosts your body immunity. Protecting you from the flu and cold.
          32x32We also sell “Blender Bottles” for you to have your tea on the go!
          32x32It contains over 10 natural ingredients specifically chosen for the well-being of your body.
          32x32Lyfe tea immobilizes the body fat thus destroying it and Increases circulation.
          32x32Gives an immunity boost fort that flu outbreak at your locality.
          32x32Burns a few extra calories by increasing your metabolism rate to help you reduce your weight.
          32x32Smoothens digestion and assists in toxin elimination from your body.


          Effect of the ingredients used:

          32x32Moringa: The scientific name of the herb is Moringa Olivera. It is the best food supplement that exists on this planet. Also designated as “super food”, it’s high in anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, essential vitamins, and minerals. Research has proved that this herb provides Vitamin C up to 7 times to that of oranges, more protein and calcium than milk can provide and lots of vitamin A such that it puts carrots to shame! A single supplemental serving can contain over 90 different types of minerals and vitamins.
          32x32Senna Leaf: It contains specific kinds of organic compounds named glycosides, which house the function of laxatives. Laxatives smoothen the muscles as the digested food goes down the intestine. It assists and promotes fermentation, digestion and converts glycosides to a purgative agent.
          32x32Yebra Mate: It is known to be very rich in antioxidants; it is one of the most medically recommended herbs to have in your food supplement. It has a significant effect on boosting your immune system, reducing insomnia and stress to a great extent and as an add-on, makes you look younger as the antioxidants cleanse your skin and slows down aging. Some of the other important substances that this herb contains are Amino Acids, Vitamins, minerals, and polyphenols. It has been observed that Yebra Mate boosts your mental energy, focus and clarity.
          32x32Ginger: It is of unparalleled importance in the field of medicine and research worldwide. It has a lot of medical applications such as relief from nausea, digestive cramps, flatulence etc. Moreover, it shows anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Ginger also helps in weight loss, as proven by recent scientific research.
          32x32Green Tea: It boosts up body’s metabolic rate by 4%. This boost burns body fat significantly. It contains antioxidants and includes EGCG, which has many positive effects on our body. It contains caffeine and important minerals which keep your mind sharp and focused all-around the day. It also boosts blood vessel functioning and increases bone density.
          32x32Lemon Peel: It houses a lot of important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients; even more than Lemon Juice! Approximately 5-10 times more.
          32x32Dandelion Leaf: It aids digestion by balancing bacterial growth inside our intestines and by stimulating appetite. Increases the secretion of important Digestive enzymes which assists digestion. Replaces potassium lost during the cleansing of the kidneys from excess dissolved salts, water, and wastes. It achieves this by increasing urine production, that also lowers the blood pressure. Being rich in Vitamins A and C and Antioxidants it promotes a better skin, slowed down aging and good health. It also regulates the level of Insulin and blood sugar by controlling the production of lipids.


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          Lyfe Tea has a positive customer feedback and is proud of it. It comes at a reasonable and justified price and ships all over the world with free shipping in the USA. Lyfe Tea products: Lyfe Tea 14-day Teatox - $34.95 Lyfe Tea 28-day Teatox - $55.95 Lyfe Tea 28-dayx2 Teatox - $99.95 Blueberry Matcha with Blender Bottle - $25.95 Raspberry Matcha with Blender Bottle - $25.95

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