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          • - Everything that is used in our specially made Nudey tea is extracted from flora all over the planet.
          • - It’s a morning and bedtime tea pack which you have to drink twice a day.
          • - Nudey tea tastes wonderful, unlike almost all products in the same category.
          • - Nudey tea also provides special diet plans for all of you out there for effective and efficient weight loss in the least amount of time as possible without starving yourself.
          • - Nudey tea contains a lot of nutrients, special and important vitamins and enzyme catalyzed and an inhibitor which are of great importance to the human body.


          • - As many have complained, Probiotics are absent in the tea.
          • - It has some mild side effects that prevent you from using the product during pregnancy or lactation.
          • - We do charge shipping charges for worldwide shipping, but we try to make the cost as minimum as it can be.

          Nudey tea is one of the most preferred brands of health tea drinks across the entire globe. It is a detox tea product that is not only used for losing weight, but also as a detoxifying agent for the body and digestive system and as a full body wellbeing as well. It’s more like a complete food supplement.
          Needless to mention all the ingredients that make Nudey tea so awesome is natural and had to pass through our laboratory testing all around. It has been proven safe to drink with minimal to almost no side effects. Thanks to the all-natural herbs.
          Not just laboratory testing, the product is built and changed according to billions of customer reviews. We do take reviews seriously and continue to do research as to make it even better than the best!

          Let’s look at some facts, shall we?

          Some of the important highlights are given as follows:

          32x32As mentioned earlier, all natural product is what we specialize in
          32x32Our detox teas are UK made and are quality tested before being shipped to you
          32x32Yes, we do worldwide shipping. So even if you’re in the middle of Egypt, we’ve got you covered.
          32x32It actually tastes good. Yes, you heard us right!
          32x32Preservatives are nowhere to be found in our product.


          Some of the ingredients and their benefits – A quick summary

          Let’s look at a few of the long list of natural ingredients:

          32x32Chinese Oolong Tea – It is the same ingredient that is used to make regular green tea. It has various health benefits including a reduction in dental caries formation, weight loss due to increased metabolism, reduced fat production due to the inclusion of powerful antioxidants and much more.
          32x32Ginger – It the roots of this plant that are widely used all over the earth, mostly as medicine. Its origin is from China but now has become a worldwide available vegetable of immense importance in the medical and research field. A few medical applications such as the treatment of digestive cramps, nausea, flatulence etc. Moreover, it also shows analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory properties. There has been supporting evidence that ginger has a positive effect on improving and accelerating weight loss.

          Now, Let’s look at some of the functions of the ingredients:

          32x32Fat burning or binding: The main ingredient for weight loss is oolong tea. Its ability to inhibit the action of an enzyme called pancreatic lipase, which assists in the digestion of fats and its absorption, has proven to be very effective in weight loss. Where do these undigested fats go, you may ask? Well, they’re excreted with other undigested materials. Moreover, oolong tea inhibits another enzyme known as “fatty acid synthase”, which normally produces fat in the body. Coming to ginger, it increases the rate of thermogenesis, which produces heat in the body by burning fats. This results in weight loss.
          32x32Boosting your metabolism: Oolong tea is rich in caffeine, which increases metabolism and keeps your mind fresh and sharp. Caffeine increases the release of adrenaline and noradrenaline, the hormones responsible for the well-known “Fight or Flight Action”. This intern results in breakdown stored energy and thus increases metabolism. Ginger, however, shows more of an antioxidant effect. This helps in making you look younger as well as increases rate of metabolism. They help to prevent the damage caused by free radical production during metabolism. Thus prevents slowing down of metabolism.


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          Nudey tea has made its mark in the hearts of all the customers across the globe. Few of the types of Nudey tea: 14-day Detox packs costing $28.87 28-day Detox pack and 28-day boost tea costing $70.76

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