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          • - When compared to the green detox drinks, the Teatox is a rather tastier alternative.
          • - This can be consumed along with your normal diet plan and there is no need for cutting down on any food that you like.
          • - It proves as a laxative aiding in relieving from constipation naturally.
          • - It gives relief from bloating.


          • - It has a high laxative action and thus can end you up more in the bathroom.
          • - It has a high caffeine content and therefore people who are allergic or have caffeine sensitivity should check the quantity consumed.
          • - The product itself comes with a warning note to look out for dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and cramps.
          • - Ginseng might cause some side effects in certain people.
          • - Lotus leaf can interfere with the working of the contraceptive pill and even cause issues in pregnant ladies.

          Purgo Tea is a Canadian company that produces detox tea and as for now, the company has only this product in its manufacture list. Purgo Tea 28 Day Detox comes with 2 tea blends. The Morning detox is for detoxifying the body and the evening cleanse tea which removes debris from the body. Its effect is on the overall maintenance of the body in a good state. It works like a rejuvenation process where the body balance is maintained without the use of strong laxatives. Simple tea and other natural ingredients have been prepared after extensive research to come up with a product that will gift you with a healthy lifestyle. There is no quick solution as such to a healthy body and weight loss. Working the natural way, it takes some patience to let the detox herbs do their action.

          Features of Purgo Tea 28 Day Teatox

          The main mode of action of the 28 Day Teatox by Purgo tea is to cleanse the body and detoxify it.

          Detoxifying the Body
          People are more into detoxifying the body. This is because of the increased quantity of toxins that find its way into the body via daily foods and junk food sources. Some of toxins stay in the body and are not easy flushed out. These accumulate inside the body causing harm to the cells and tissues. Teatox works by the action of herbs which detaches the toxins from the free radicals and aids in the removal of the toxins .

          Increased Metabolism
          Decreased metabolism is a main after effect of current lifestyle with toxins and free radicals in the body. Components like green tea, ginseng and goji berry aid in digestion and metabolism.

          Weight Loss
          With increased and accentuated metabolic system, this can aid in the digestion of the deposited fats in the body and its removal. A body which works optimally removing toxins and excess fat can be maintained in optimal weight and teatox does just this. Insulin is the sugar digesting hormone and with the action of herbal teas, the fat cells are provoked to respond to insulin thus aiding in their digestion.

          Reduce Bloating
          Bloating is caused due to the improper expulsion of waste products from the body. Constipation can also be a main reason for bloating. Laxatives like sencha, lotus leaf, cassia, work by loosening the stool and thus promoting bowel movement. This effectively clears the digestive tract of any waste products.

          Improves Skin
          Toxins affect the skin greatly. With the removal of toxins by the teatox action, the skin begins its way to rejuvenation and replenishment. Dehydration of the body is a main reason for chapped lips and wrinkles skin. The skin becomes clearer and softer with rehydration by herbal contents. The Goji berries play a crucial role in improvement of the skin.

          Sencha is a main ingredient of the Morning Detox Tea and is a kind of green tea. The phytonutrient epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) is an active antioxidant and helps in the removal of free radicals. Goji berries is one of the super fruits and one among its properties is the antioxidant property provided by anthocyanin in the berry. The Acai powder also works its antioxidant properties on the body. The goodness that antioxidants can do to our body is numerous and these can be attained only from natural foods. Antioxidants promote the functioning of the immune cells, makes the skin glowing and keep the blood vessels clear.

          Calming Effect
          In the busy schedules, it is necessary to calm the body and the mind and people resort to coffee and tea. Morning Detox Teatox has lemon grass as an ingredient for the calming effect.


          How the Purgo Tea 28 Day Teatox Works
          The 28 day Teatox consist of a 28 day supply of the Morning Detox Tea and 14 day supply of the Evening Cleanse Tea. The Morning detox tea improves the metabolic rate of the body and thus provides energy for the day and keeps the body fresh. One teaspoon of the Morning Detox Mix has to be mixed with boiling water and for 2-3 minutes and consumed on empty stomach.

          The Evening Cleanse tea is more of a laxative and helps in easy bowel movement. It also works to remove toxins. This has to be consumed every alternate day by steeping a teaspoon of the mix for 2-3 minutes and has to be drank in the evening. The strength of the steeping can be determined according to one’s body response and taste factor.


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          With pure ingredients like Sencha, Dandelion, Acai, Goji Berry, and other herbal contents, it works by balancing the body by detoxifying it. It frees the body of any bloating issue with its laxative effect. Each ingredient is rightly selected to serve the purpose for overall goodness of the body. A tinge of flavor can be added with lemon or honey to make up the flavor factor. People who are sensitive to Ginseng and other ingredients must check the warnings before using the product.

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