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          • - It has been made out of natural herbs.
          • - All you need to do is add it to boiling water and drink it.
          • - Has a good quantity of antioxidants, vitamins, and other minerals so that you are protected around the clock and never have to worry much about diseases.
          • - It is shipped all over the world for free so you shouldn’t have any trouble to get it at your doorstep.
          • - Unlike most other products, it tastes good due to the inclusion of natural flavoring agents.


          • - Probiotics are missing and therefore there is a lack of live bacteria and yeast in the product.
          • - There are no serious side effects, but there are some cases of brief tummy cramps due to the cleansing action of the product and some temporary headaches at the end of the day.

          Skinny Me Tea is nothing more than a powerful and effective detox tea that actually works! If you are on a strict diet and work out very hard every day but still not seeing satisfactory weight loss results, then this product is for you!
          It promises results within the first few days of using the product. Some amazing weight loss stories can be found out all over the internet. All with the help of Skinny Me Tea!

          Is skinny me tea safe for your body? Well, absolutely! It is made up of all natural herbs that keep you fresh and in top notch condition for the day ahead; and yes, it does serve its main function pretty well – Weight Loss!

          Skinny Me Tea? Let’s go deeper

          First, let’s list few of the characteristics of the product:

          32x32What is skinny me tea? As mentioned earlier, it is basically nothing more than an effective detox tea.
          32x32Skinny me tea is the complete package that you’d ever need to lose weight efficiently. All you need is one cup full of Skinny Me Tea every day.
          32x32The product does not advertise much, as it obviously doesn’t need to. It’s instant positive results speak for itself. In other words, you’ll never have the need to look into another product to get rid of that bloat you have. Skinny Me Tea takes care of it all for you, just as the name implies.
          32x32Usually, Detox teas aim only at weight loss, therefore messing up the rest of your body and leaving it in a poor state to give you instant results of weight loss. But not this product! Skinny Me Tea uses all natural ingredients that not only helps to reduce your weight naturally but also provides your body with the energy it needs so that you feel energized throughout the day and never have to regret using the product.
          32x32All the Skinny Me Tea products are absolutely Gluten free!


          Let’s look at some of the ingredients used:

          32x32Goji Berry: It is a good source of important vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and many others. Moreover, it contains iron, fibers and antioxidants which are present in very high quantity. There are traces of complex carbohydrates that are slowly assimilated and therefore do not produce much fat. It has a good quantity of fiber content which promotes weight loss in an all-natural way and causes smoother bowel motion. Vitamin C and antioxidants increase the immunity and keep you forever young.
          32x32Senna Leaf: It contains organic compounds called glycosides, that function as laxatives. Laxatives smoothen muscles as the food moves down the intestine. It promotes and assists digestion, fermentation and converts glycosides to a purgative agent.
          32x32Oolong Leaf: This is an important ingredient that has quite a bit of positive effect hidden up its sleeves. Primary function includes reduction, prevention, and destruction of the formation of fat inside our body. It burns fat faster due to raised rate of metabolism of our body cells to achieve this. An inhibitor, polyphenol inhibits the enzymes which are responsible for the buildup of fat. The cholesterol levels are reduced which prevents heart diseases and ailments. It contains caffeine, which bumps up mental performance, alertness, and sharpness. It contains antioxidants which makes our skin look much younger. It helps in the digestion of food and prevents from bloating due alkalization of the digestive tract and by reducing inflammation. The antiseptic properties cleanse the digestive system by elimination of bacteria. It prevents osteoporosis due to retention and absorption of potassium and calcium. It also boosts immunity and shows anti-cancer properties.
          32x32Ginger: It is of immense importance research and medicine field worldwide. It has innumerable medical applications such as relief from digestive cramps and nausea etc. Moreover, it also shows analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger helps in weight loss, which is proven by scientific research.
          32x32Green Tea: It is known to boost up our body’s metabolic rate. This boost, in turn, burns the body fat significantly. It also contains antioxidants, which has many good effects on our body. Contains caffeine and other important minerals which also keeps your mind focused and sharp all-around the clock. It boosts blood vessel contractions as well as increases the density of bones.
          32x32Lemon Peel: It has a lot of important minerals, nutrients, and vitamins; more than even Lemon Juice! Approximately 6-9 times more.


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          Skinny Me Tea has never failed to impress its customers. It is one of the best products available in the market. Skinny Me Tea has numerous products, some of them are: Skinny Me Tea Original - $17.95 Skinny Me lemon tea - $19.75 Skinny Me Tea 3 flavors - $53.85

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