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          • - The tea tastes really good but yet some people add honey or lemon for the extra tinge.
          • - The product is all natural and is free from Gluten, Soya, lactose, wheat and any other filler.
          • - It promotes the overall wellness of the body and should be followed along with proper exercise and diet plan to get a fit and healthy body.


          • - People on medication and medical issues should consult with a doctor before consuming the Skinny Tea Detox.
          • - It is not a food supplement and is only a part of a healthy balanced diet.
          • - The herbal content in the tea has a laxative effect and thus should be consumed carefully as high doses can cause health problems.
          • - It is not recommended for use by pregnant ladies, nursing mothers or those on contraceptive pills.
          • - The site does not provide proper information about how to consume the tea and in what quantity.

          Skinny Tea manufactured in Australia is a basic detox tea which promotes overall health of the user. The product is shipped worldwide free of cost by the company. All ingredients are used in its pure state and are fully natural. No chemical or artificial ingredients are used in the Skinny Tea. The site has several listed transformation with pictures which will serve as a boost for other people to try the formula.It doesn’t work like an instant easy weight loss solution, but it has to be coupled with a healthy diet and good exercise regimen to ensure that the skinny tea works its effect in making you skinny Being free of Gluten this product is preferable for consumption by gluten intolerant people.

          Features of Skinny Tea Detox

          The ingredients of Skinny Tea Detox has been carefully selected to give optimal health benefits and aid in burning fat to promote weight loss.

          Ashwagandha is a root of Indian origin whole medicinal values have been popular for over several hundred years. It has its action on the nervous system and calms it down. It also enhances the memory power.

          Boost Metabolism
          The antioxidant properties of the tea ingredients promote healthy digestive system. The toxins and free radicals are the basic hindrance to the proper functioning of the body systems. These are removed by the detox capacity and antioxidants. With the hindrance removed, the body metabolism comes to its optimal performance eliminating all wastes from the whole body. Lemongrass has diuretic properties and promotes digestion.

          Energy Boost
          A good metabolic system also ensures that all food that enter the body is converted to energy and thus boosting the energy of the individual. The deposited fat is also burned in this process and thus promotes weight loss too. A healthy body requires a good supply of vitamins and this has been supplied with Nettle leaf which is known to contain immense reserves of Vitamin A, C, D and B complex. The energy produced has to be utilized optimally and this is looked after by Vitamin B which are easily found in the herb yerba mate.

          Celery leaf is a common constituent in most foods, but in the Skinny detox tea it is used in its pure form which acts an effective detox agent.It ensures healthy functioning of the kidney and thus eliminates toxins.

          Cleansing Property
          Laxatives like Senna act as a clean mechanism and this makes the tea a powerful mode of cleanse before a weight loss routine.

          Antioxidant Action
          Goji berries and its antioxidant properties are being widely used in most health drinks. All kinds of berries have anthocyanins and other flavonoids in them which promote the healthy body functioning. The flower of Jasmine also forms an ingredient in the Detox tea for its antioxidant property. The Japanese green tea variety Sencha, is used in its pure form for catechins which are the antioxidants found in them.

          Reduce Bloating
          Bloating is an after effect of a bad digestive system where the food is not fully digested releasing gases. These gases cause bloating. Diuretics like lemongrass and the overall action of the several ingredients in the Skinny tea promotes proper digestion thus reducing bloating.

          Maintenance of Immune System
          Berries are small fruits which are concentrated sources of Vit C and thus promote the immune capacity. It also helps the body to fight infection.


          How it Works
          Skinny Tea Detox comes in 3 packs, the 14 day pack, 28 day pack and bestie pack. Sharing something we have found good with our friend is what good friendship is all about. The bestie pack comes with 2 packs of the 28 day Detox Tea supply. The 14 day pack contains a 14 day supply of the Morning Boost Tea and 7 servings of the Cleanse Evening tea. In the 28 day pack, there will be 28 servings of the morning boost and 14 servings of the evening tea suppliers. The morning Tea is a mix of natural ingredients that will kick start your day with herbs and goji berries with tea which freshens up the day and provides energy boost. The evening tea works to cleanse and detoxify the body every alternate evenings. The 14 day supply is priced at $29, the 28 day pack at $ 49 and the Bestie pack costs $69. There are several offers which the company hosts with discounts on the products.


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          While on your usual diet plan and a good exercise regimen, you can now naturally reduce your extra pounds by cleansing and detoxifying the body. Individuals below 18 years of age and those on any kind of medication should take a doctors advice before starting a the Skinny tea detox regime. The laxatives can lead to excessive fluid elimination from the body during the detox process and therefore the water supply should be increased from the usual to prevent dehydration.

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