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          • - The product has a simple set of detailed instructions that help users to easily and efficiently use the product and get some positive results within days.
          • - It has a very good mix of natural herbal nutrients that provide an almost all-rounder healthy diet.


          • - It does not taste heaven. Yes, it is a health drink and is supposed to taste bad. No medicine tastes good, does it? SkinnyMint Teatox however, doesn’t taste bad. It's good enough to have every day according to the prescribed dosage.

          SkinnyMint Teatox

          SkinnyMint Teatox is a product which is expertly formulated with natural high-performing ingredients designed to increase energy and naturally cleanse your body.

          It is made of all natural ingredients and is made if 14+ nutrients and plant extract that have a positive effect on your body.
          The product has been extensively tested and certified fit and beneficial to health by multiple research and quality control institutions.
          The product is one of the most top rated and popular product among all of its type.

          Some Technical Details About SkinnyMint Teatox

          In brief, SkinnyMint Teatox is basically detox tea-bags to assist with the following:
          32x32Reducing appetite
          32x32Elevating energy levels
          32x32Burning off fat
          32x32Improves digestion


          Some Other Features of the Product Based On the Ingredients

          32x32Stimulation: It contains Mate leaves which are mostly used to make various medicines that deal with many health problems. Mate leaves contain a high amount of caffeine and other stimulants which allow the ingredient to stimulate the heart, brain and muscles and keeps u fresh and healthy all day long.
          32x32Decrease inflammation and cleansing: It also contains Nettle leaves which contain certain chemicals that help decrease inflammation and increase urination amount. Moreover, it also is very good for arthritis patients as it helps reduce the pain and inflammation caused by the disease. In addition to that, the increased urination amount helps to cleanse your body.
          32x32Decreasing nausea: It contains Ginger root which is a yellowish plant and are very useful in the field of medicine. They have very good healing effect in the gastrointestinal region related problems. They reduce stomach problems, helps reduce pain and even reduces nausea to a great extent. As an add-on, ginger root is also well known to reduce inflammation at parts of the body.
          32x32Flavour: Liquorices’ root is also present as one of the key ingredients of the product. Liquorice root is known for flavor and has many medical applications as an add-on. It deals with stomach problems and many other disorders.
          32x32Ailment for muscle pain and bruises: It contains Dandelion leaves which have a wide range of medical applications. Some of them include treatment for upset stomach, muscle aches, bruises and even joint pain.
          32x32Beautification: It contains the very famous peppermint leaves, which have a wide range of proven application on beautification of one’s body and skin. It is commercially found mostly in beauty and skin products due to its unique properties. It is commonly used for teas.


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          SkinnyMint Teatox is one of the best products available in the category and has made its mark by proving its efficiency among millions of users worldwide. It is a pack of teabags that are provided in specific amount as per scientific course guidelines and dosage. It has two types of dosages, One is a 14-day starter Teatox pack that costs $29.90 per pack and contains a pack of two components, one morning boost for every morning and another is night cleanse which is prescribed to be taken every second night. The other one is a 28-day Ultimate Teatox pack that costs $54.90, and contains a pack of two components, same as the 14-day Teatox starter pack. There is, however, a third variant, which is the best value pack, which contains two 28-day Ultimate Teatox packs costing $89.90. It’s time to make a wise choice.

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