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            • - The Stay Lean Tea is a complete natural product. There are no artificial flavors and additives that can produce malfunctioning of body parts.
            • - Tea is free from any sort of laxatives.
            • - It is very good product for removing bloating and kidney retention while keeping the body hydrated at the same times.
            • - Like traditional tea, it is not only tea herbs.
            • - The tea Detox has certain anti microbial effects too.


            • - Stay Lean Tea is the best energy booster.
            • - Mostly tea is tasteless.
            • - More frequent use of tea not only burns fats but also reduces the protein content of the body.

            Stay Lean Tea is a tea Detox that has multiple beneficial impacts on human body. It is prepared by blending many natural herbs with herbal tea leaves. Stay lean tea detoxifies the body from harmful impurities and increases body’s metabolism. This helps in weight loss, maintains pH in stomach, cleanses the digestive tract and helps in boosting efficiency of body systems. The Detox tea is complete natural solution for weight loss. It is free from any laxatives and other artificial components that cause malfunctioning of various body systems.


            Stay Lean Tea is indeed a super food because very small quantity of this is enough to do marvelous beneficial tasks for human body. It boosts the energy level, activates brain cells and makes a person slim within days. Following are the best features of the Stay Lean Tea.

            32x32Increases the Metabolism
            Stay lean tea increases body’s metabolic rate. This prevents extra fat to deposit beneath the skin. As a result of this body fat burns and massive energy is produced. High metabolism works also when no physical activity is being performed by the body.

            32x32Detoxifies the Body
            Human body is vulnerable to malfunctioning due to presence of impurities like free radicals and metallic ions. Stay Lean tea removes all these toxins and makes blood clear. Due to this Proper blood circulation is facilitated and all the body organs receive adequate supply of blood.

            32x32Increases Immunity
            Impurities in the body are removed by the Stay Lean Tea. Due to this no radicals are available to bind with White Blood cells and other such cells. This results in reduced level of illness and increased efficiency of human immune system.

            32x32Improves Digestive System Efficiency
            Proper working of human digestive system is dependent on efficiency of liver and gall bladder. Secretions released from these organs contain enzymes that act upon food and digest it. Stay Lean Tea boosts the digestive action of liver by detoxifying it.

            32x32Helps in Weight Management
            The individuals who work for hours by sitting on chair need to try this product. This is because they experience very low level of physical activity resulting in weight gain. Stay Lean Tea burns the fat and makes such individuals to maintain an optimum body weight.

            32x32Suppression of Appetite
            Increased appetite makes individuals to eat food after very regular intervals. It is definitely major reason for excessive weight gain. Tea Detox helps in reducing appetite. This reduces excessive desire of eating after very short intervals.

            How Stay Lean Tea Detox Works
            Stay lean tea Detox is a complete natural product. It is very rich source of anti-oxidants. These anti oxidants convert metallic ions and free radicals in to molecules. Impurities in molecular form are very easy to remove from the body. In this way digestive tract works properly. Toxins are removed from colon and it gets cleansed naturally. Blood becomes thin and free of impurities. Due to this proper pH in blood is maintained. Clear blood circulates efficiently in entire body. Here the benefit is reaped by skin. Receiving adequate supply of blood makes the skin pimples free. Purification of liver due to presence of anti oxidants makes the liver work with faster pace. Due to this metabolic system of the body gets boost.


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            Starting a 14 days t 28 days program of the tea Detox is enough to make body slim and good looking. There are n side effects of product being laxative free. Natural herbs of medicinal value are grind together to make the final tea products. Users must exercise care in proper intake of the tea. They should use this in morning and evening specially. Apart from this, tea can be used during working hours too. Taking tea soon after eating meals should be avoided. Further to make sure that energy released is used properly, users should also make a workout plan too.

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