Tea Detox Guide

Detox Tea: The Superfood to Maintain Health

There often exists an antagonistic relationship between nature and the man made world. The best example of this can be seen in case of food. There was a time when every eatable was actually organic. Human beings used to gain the right health benefits. They devised new artificial methods to combat with the invaders like weeds and insects. This produced many other problems too. Chemicals that defeated the weeds and insects started interfering with natural process of digestion. At this place, human beings decided to revert back to the traditional methods of having food.

What is Natural Food?

Whenever there is talk about Superfood such as berries and tea Detoxes, the word natural or organic food is used. In fact every food is natural food. The basic distinction actually lies in methods. These are the natural and artificial methods that make the food different. In the modern times, it is very common to rely on fertilizers for boosting the crop production. Problem is that artificial methods yield many impurities within the food. These impurities interfere with normal functioning of body systems. These are the reasons that have prompted the modern man to rely on mechanisms of food production that don’t imply any sort of artificial boosters such as the fertilizers etc. Natural or organic food is actually something with preserved natural content and free of impurities.

Use of Tea Detox

Tea has a special significance in human history. It has served as the best companion of man. In old times, it was used to cure sickness such as fever and headache. From last few centuries tea is also being used as an artificial product. It is grown by using fertilizers in hilly areas and then dried by using artificial techniques. Due to popularity of organic food, people have started relying on the herbal tea or tea Detoxes. The products are the organic version of tea. This is because they don’t have any impurities. Further they have very broad medicinal impacts on human health.

Different forms of the tea Detoxes

Tea Detoxes are all actually herbal tea but they have different ingredients. In many cases herbs, berries, tea leaves and grasses are used in mixed proportion. The result is seen as a product enriched in vitamins, anti oxidants, metabolic rate activators and natural catlyzers. Very small amount of tea containing all these ingredients is boiled with water. This Superfood is enough to achieve the desired results.

Product overview

There are so many tea detoxes available around. The famous of these include the Ginseng, Green Tea, Dandelion, Milk Thistle and Burdock Root. All these herbal teas have special role in purifying the body due to their detoxification action.

  1. Green Tea:

Green tea is said to be the best anti oxidant known from centuries. It speeds up the metabolic reactions of the body by binding with free radicals. It helps in producing catichens that prompt production of detoxification enzymes in the body. The role of green tea in killing the cancerous cells and harmful chemical removal is also very well acknowledged by the scientific research.

  1. Dandelion:

The major function of tea Detoxes is seen as the cleanser and body purifier. Here, Dandelion is sited as special natural product. This is because of the reason that toxins are purified from liver that secretes liquids and enzymes in the blood. Dandelion plays supporting role for liver to kill all the toxins. As a result of this impurities from digestive tract are removed readily. This herb is also used to sooth irritation in urinary system. This is because Dandelion serves as the Diuretic. It clears water from kidneys and promotes urination. In simple words, Dandelion has an important role to play for supporting the kidneys.

  1. Burdock Root:

Major complications in digestive tract are seen due to the action of microbes. There is no doubt that natural and organic food is more likely to be rich in microbes such as bacteria and fungi etc. These microbes are not actually toxins but they also act as a rich source of producing toxins too. Burdock Root contains Ploy- Acetylene in it. The compound has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Burdock Root not only supports liver and gall bladder as in detoxification but also increases the blood circulation by clarifying it. As a result of this, skin diseases such as eczema, acne, and carbuncles etc. are cured very easily.

  1. Milk Thistle:

The herb finds its best role in alleviating the liver problems. Liver is the organ that generates the fresh cells. Milk Thistle contains Silymarine, a compound that assists liver in its functions. This herb has very basic use. This is because other herbs detoxify the colon and digestive track, but Milk Thistle has to detoxify the gall bladder and liver: Two organs on which the actual function of digestive system is actually dependent.

How to use the Tea Detoxes:

In above paras, functions of the majors herbs used as tea Detoxes are explained. Users can select one f their choice according to their needs. The use of all this is very similar. They are available in the form of dried leaves. Few leaves that account for less than half a spoon are more than enough. The tea leaves are boiled with water and mixture is intake in light warmer form. It is much better to avoid white sugar as sweetener. Lemon and natural sweetener such as ginger can be used for adding the taste.

It is advised that user should know whether the tea Detox being used is recommended by the FDA (Federal Drug Authority). It is also necessary for product to be the Gluten free for it to be of high quality.

Tea Detoxes should not be used soon after the meal. This is because they have very strong metabolic effect that they can digest entire food. Taking a mix of tea Detoxes can also reduce appetite and cravings. Users must keep in mind that there is difference between burning fat and losing weight. Both situations are harmful at their extreme. So use of tea with proper exercise and right food intake is necessary.