Tea Detox Scams

Superfood Tea Detox Scams

It often happens that different results are interpreted in wrong way. More frequent is the case when improper methodology is adopted for arriving at the conclusion. In the present competitive world, to present the alternatives, previously used item has to be criticized enough. Same is the case with food and nutrition industry. In case of products like Tea Detox rumors of scams are on its peak. The reason pertains to the immense popularity of the product in health industry. When two industries such as health and food industry become co related then, they start being analyzed in different perspectives.

Problem is that we can’t blindly trust on rumors of scams, at the same times we can’t even let them go. Here two things help a lot. First a thorough research about mechanism of the products and second the reason behind scam rumors.

Understanding the Very Nature of a Tea Detox

Tea Detox is a very much natural product. No one can deny the importance of herbs. They have remained very long friend of human beings from the times of forests, caves and even before the dawn of civilization. The herbs are not only seen beneficial from the perspective of nutrition but they have very use from health perspective too.

Even in the present time our kitchen cabinets are filled with processed forms of many herbs. They are more of medicinal value than nutritional. Herbs that are the basic ingredients of Tea Detoxes are the best rich source of vitamins and anti oxidants. Their role in curing illness, laziness, stomach diseases, skin diseases and improving efficiency of digestive system can never be denied. To make these herbs eatables they are not put as it is in a tea. They are dried and then packed for use. In fact a mix of these herbs is used. Usually green tea, berries and herbs are used in a calculated quantity to make a balance. The food is taken by boiling with water in very small quantity.

Health Benefits of Tea Detox

As promised by the manufacturers there is not only one health benefit provided by the tea Detoxes. There is a mixed package for caring human body in a proper way. Tea is a mixture of different herbs. Every herb has something very much special to offer.

The major health benefit is imparted by role of product as detoxifying agent. It supports liver and gall bladder in production of new cells. Tea Detox binds with impurities to eliminate them from the body. Another major benefit is the cleansing of colon. Impurities in colon are cleaned by these Detoxes present in tea. Water retention in kidney is also maintained by tea Detox. This is because the compounds maintain a perfect balance of ions in and outside of the kidney. Proper working of kidneys simply means that urinary and excretory systems of body are working properly. The best use of tea Detox is said to be in keeping the face complexion fair. This is also achievable because Detoxes clear the blood and make it circulate properly through all the vessels spread in body. As a result of this acne, eczema and pimples are removed from face.

Do all these Benefits are reaped in Reality

In order to judge the promised effects of a food product, it is best to look for the right mechanism of it. Tea Detox works because it is a rich source of anti oxidant. Now, we see how anti oxidant work. It is simply any natural component found in berries and herbs and binds with radicals and free ions present in the human body. Tea Detoxes are nothing but a concentrate of anti oxidants in the form of dried leaves.

Yes, it can happen that different herbs may have different impacts. A tea Detox is not always one herb. It consists of a combination of berries and herbs of different kinds. Further, these are not taken directly. A proper prescription is followed. Almost half spoon containing the tea Detox is boiled with water. The drink is used only in prescribed times. The hot drink containing anti oxidants has nothing to do with producing side effects. This is something obvious.

Why Tea Detox is said to be a Scam

It is very strange to find a product labeled as scam despite of so many uses. The basic reason can be pertained to popularity of the product. The second is that people don’t actually search about it. They simply believe in words of mouth that are not always authentic. The prescription of tea Detox matters a lot.

It is seen that most of the people use tea Detox for weight loss. They fail to archive the right results and then label the product as scam. Here, they are mistaken. In case of weight loss use of tea Detox must be accompanied by some other activities. Tea Detox finds its major use in digestion and increase in metabolic rate. If people don’t eat anything and keep on following the frequent intake then obviously, they will see the side effects.

It is said that tea Detox also interferes with sleeping. Presence of certain chemicals can prevent the user from sleeping. It is true that tea contains brain stimulators that keep a person awake. Tea Detox is something different. It is an herbal product that is mixture of herbs and berries. The combination f both the ingredients generate an effect that is much productive.


People are misled because they don’t know. It is much strange to expect a natural food product to be a scam. If the product fails to generate result then fault definitely does not lie in its efficiency. It can be due to lack of awareness about proper use of the product. In case of Tea Detox this is very much common. Users must be aware of necessary precautionary measures needed to be taken while using the product. They should also ensure the use of right mix of tea Detox that actually caters to their needs.