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          • - Thintonic is a complete natural product made up of herbs, there are no chances that it would interfere with normal process of body functioning.
          • - Thintonic Tea is abundant in amino acids and proteins.
          • - Thintonic has abundant supply of anti oxidants that perform the task of body cleansing.
          • - Thintonic Tea also increases the body’s ability to fight with stress and anxiety.


          • - Using Thintonic as a remedy against some disease can be dangerous.
          • - Not everyone can be happy with the added natural flavors.

          Thintonic Tea has combined the effects of long ago used herbs in the form of traditional tea. There is no doubt that natural herbs have served as a very old companion of human beings. Ancient civilizations used these herbs found in forests to cure many diseases. The medicinal value of these natural components can never be denied even in present time. Problem is that human of modern age are too much occupied by the processed food. They don’t have enough time to in take all these natural herbs on daily basis. The solution for this comes in the form of herbal tea which acts as Superfood. Thintonic Tea not only manages weight, it increases the natural energy level, activates brain cells and makes individual immune to attack of many diseases.


          It wouldn’t be wrong at all to term Thintonic Tea as an all in one product. This is because of astonishing features associated with it. It is a fact that presence of ingredients decides the working action of any product. Fennel Seed, Ginger Root, Pu-erh Tea, Oolong Tea, Dandelion Tea, Green Tea and Natural Flavors make the product worth using for human body.
          Following are the Features of Thintonic Tea

          Maintenance of the Immune System
          An efficient immune system plays a vital role in maintaining the overall health of human body. Processed food contains many contaminations that readily decrease the efficiency of immune system. This is because immune system wrongly perceives the impurities to be as impurities and binds with them. As a result of it, performance of immune system to combat diseases slows down. Natural components of Thintonic Tea remove such impurity and make immune system better able to fight diseases.

          Increase in Natural Energy Level
          It is seen that artificial drinks actually increase the energy level but their mechanism is never well supported to the normal functioning of human body. It is also seen that body releases energy only when it undergoes any physical activity. Fact is that energy requirement is always there so that normal body functions can be carried properly. Thintonic tea has herbal complex that helps body to release energy even when there is no physical activity. High metabolic system is generated as a result of which energy level is boosted and person becomes active.

          Maintains the Efficiency of Body’s Circulatory System
          Blood is the body’s major connective tissue. It transports nutrients and oxygen across the cells. Bloods’ performance is largely affected if there are impurities present in it. It is necessary that blood must be thin and clear so that it adequately reaches the level of every single cell. Thintonic tea clears the blood and makes it easy to transport across the level of each cell. Apart from this a clear blood guarantees a fair complexion. Quality of blood also determines fairness of face complexion. It also makes a skin free from acne and pimples.

          Maintains the PH in Stomach
          The overall environment of stomach has very important role in deciding the health condition of an individual. Eating too much food simply turns the stomach’s environment to be acidic. Increases acidity in stomach can also lead to a condition known as heart burn. Further, normal digestion problem is also disturbed. Thintonic Tea neutralizes the environment of stomach and makes it work much better.

          Detoxifies the Digestive System
          Performance of digestive system has a major role in determining the overall human health. Metallic ions, free radicals and other such impurities that come with food obstruct the digestive passage, As a result of which processes such as absorption and assimilation are affected largely. Thintonic serves as a detoxifying agent. This is because it contains herbs that are a major source of anti oxidants.


          How Thintonic Tea works
          There is no doubt that basic working mechanism of Thintonic actually depends upon the presence of anti oxidants in it. These anti oxidants have ability to bind with free radicals and convert them into molecular form. These free radicals in the form of molecules are readily able to excrete out of the body. Users can take this tea twice a day. At first they need to use this in the morning. This simply refreshes their mind. Further, tea should be taken in evening to detox the body systems.


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          Artificial processed food leaves so many side effects on human body. The world is readily turning towards the trend of eating organic food. It is therefore required to use opportunity of having natural Detox system for body that also increases the performance of body functions in completely natural way. Thintonic Tea is the best solution as it can also be used as replacement of unhealthy snacks between the meals.

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