What Are Tea Detoxes?

It is a scientific fact that many herbs contain the natural chemicals proved to be beneficial for human health. Herbs that make tea are the best known for this purpose. Grown in hilly areas of India and Africa, tea leaves are dried and then exported to rest of the world. Use of tea leaves dates back to the people living in forests and Caves. The world’s ancient civilization such as Indus Valley civilization used tea herbs to cure illness. This immense use of tea is attributed to presence of detoxifying components in it.

In the modern days tea, such as green tea, black tea and coffee are the most common forms used. The leaves are grown on hilly areas of the southern parts of the world and then they are dried enough to be brown.

Human body is comprised of complex systems and processes. Just take example of the digestive system. Glands in digestive system secrete the liquids and enzymes to act upon the food for digestion. As a result of it many by products are formed. Toxins are also one such product. Detoxes present in tea, remove these harmful bi products, chemicals and impurities while cleaning the body.

How Tea Detoxes work?

Tea Detoxes contain natural anti oxidants, vitamins, and energy boosters. Tea is used as a brain cells activator by many people. Yes, it stimulates the brain cell as it has caffeine in it. Its major role is seen in cleansing the internal body. Detoxifying action is best accomplished by cleaning all the harmful matter. In the present times, we rely too much on processed food. The food additives used for preserving are not digested by stomach so easily. They are left behind and give birth to poisonous chemicals.

The most vulnerable body part in this regard is the colon. Byproducts of digestion pass through the colon. Certain impurities such as silicates, metals and cyanides present in food are not digested, hence they remain there. Their presence in colon causes many complications such as problems in excretion of wastes etc. Detoxes present in the tea clean colon and stomach by removing these impurities.

How Tea Detoxes are Prepared?

Tea Detoxes are used in variety of forms. In many cases the ingredients are dried to assume the shape of very small granules. Basically these are herbs. In traditional tea, the tea leaves are kept under the sun. They are dried to be blackish Greenish brown. Tea Detoxes are not simply like traditional tea. They are a mixture and unique blend of different herbs. The ultimate goal always remains to make a product that is very much reach in anti oxidants, vitamins and activators. Mostly, the ingredients used in tea include the Barley Grass, Acai Berry and Ginseng. All these components are herbs. They are not used in actual form. They come up in dried form preserved in packets. Only small amount of tea is boiled with one cup of water to be used one time.

How Detoxification action of Tea Takes Place?

Tea is something much more than simply caffeine. It activates the brain for sure. The major function of Tea Detoxes is to make body pure of any residual matter that obstructs the normal functioning of body. The major agents present in tea are the anti- oxidants. These anti oxidants actually detoxify the most vulnerable parts of the body.

Urinary and digestive system of human body have very complex structures and functions. During the digestion and urination, not all the impurities are eliminated or excreted out of the body. This is because the impurities contain free radicals that are difficult to remove. They only chemically bind with other elements. Radicals have positive and negative ions. Due to this reason anti oxidants easily bind with them and remove them from body. As a result of the process, body becomes clear of such impurities.

Removal of these impurities is actually accompanied by certain other useful aspects. Digestive system’s ability to work becomes increased. Metabolic rate becomes high and resulting in excessive fats burning. Conversion of free radicals into molecules simply eliminates their role as stoppers and activity of the body system get a boost up to certain extent.

How Tea Detoxes work as Superfood?

The small amount of tea is enough for receiving the optimum results. That’s why it is given a status of Superfood. Half spoon or few countable leaves of tea boiled with water are capable of stimulating the body cells for proper functioning. Care must be taken while using the tea.

Here, timings matter a lot. Usually tea Detoxes are used in morning and evening. Taking tea in morning actually refreshes the mind and increases digestive system’s capabilities. Using tea Detoxes in evening cleanses colons and removes the impurities from body. It is also recommended to use the tea several times during the day. Using it in work hours, increases metabolic rate. As a result of this energy is released that helps in activating body cells for proper working.

Benefits of Tea Detoxes

There are so many benefits of using tea. It not only stimulates the metabolic activity in the body but also reduces the fat content. The action is accomplished because digestive system works in the right way. Further blood circulation in the body increases as there are not impurities that obstruct the blood vessels. Cleansing of blood vessels is always accompanied by blood circulation efficiency, low cholesterol level and reduced risk of the heart attack.

One f the major used of Tea Detoxes is seen by the people who are willing to burn fat. Here, green tea is used more frequently. Reduction of belly fat is often accomplished by use of the right proportion of green tea in equal intervals of the time.

Blood becomes free from impurities, that’s why face complexion becomes fair and pimples are removed. Tea cleanses the colon; this makes it the best laxative product too.


Tea Detoxes include the natural anti oxidants. They are not additives and food preservatives. Further they contain herbs that are used from centuries. Proper care must be taken in using the right quantity and at the right time. Following the instruction makes Tea Detoxes as the right Superfood.