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          • - As mentioned above already, it has numerous advantages and options to replenish your body inside out and provide you with a better yourself.
          • - It helps in weight loss, so for all those fitness freaks out there, this is your best shot! You’re going to love it!


          • - It is not recommended to have Tiny Tea or any such product during pregnancy or lactation.
          • - It does contain gluten so it should not be consumed by coeliac.
          • - It has a few side effects, though, as it replenishes the digestive system, it might stir up a few internal wastes that might create a problem.
          • - It should not affect the pill or implant but it just may, and just in case it does, it’s better to keep an extra protection handy.

          Your Tea is probably the few of the best components of the long list of products that the company sells. All of the products are however quality tested and maintained for the best it can produce.

          It does have a range of weight loss products starting from detox tea to skin detox which includes body teas, mood teas and café teas and even some organic health drinks that are more effective than they sound!
          We’ll, however, focus on only one product for the review and that’s Tiny Tea Teatox by the company Your Tea with a 28-day course which costs $55.00 USD.

          Is tiny tea so tiny? Let’s have a look then

          Few of the product characteristics are listed below:

          32x32This Tiny tea Teatox is full of important ingredients that have been under the use traditionally for over hundreds of years.
          32x32It takes care of and reduces your bloating through totally safe and natural processes.
          32x32It aids digestion due to the addition of many natural ingredients that have exceptional properties that assist digestion, thus preventing any kind of indigestion that can be caused due to the intake of improper food.
          32x32Unlike other such health products that function only at the targeted portion of the body, Tiny Tea by Your Tea, however, works on multiple parts of your body including your skin. It helps treat any kind of problematic skin disease that may form
          32x32And then we finally arrive at the main function of the product, the sole purpose that you buy this is to assist with the reduction of excess weight. And needless to mention it does it efficiently.
          32x32It increases alertness and energy of the body so as to keep you fresh and ready to jump around all day long.
          32x32It contains Gluten, He Ye, Lai Fu Zi, Mai Ya, Chen Pi and Jue Ming Zi.


          How does the product work?

          32x32It contains herbs that are delicately balanced according to Chinese traditional medicine principles which are designed to cleanse and nourish the digestive system. The product aims at restoration of your body back to its original form by precisely balancing the stress, lifestyle, fats, emotion, and inactivity.
          32x32Tiny Tea assists in shedding extra fat by restoring your body to function properly and effectively. Added to that all the natural herbs and other ingredients that the product contains helps in maintaining your body’s natural state and cleanse it all the way through. Added to that, it also assists in the prevention of diseases and helps in digestion. Moreover, it increases your metabolism rate so that you burn more energy and in turn burn fat naturally and more effectively. Thus helping in weight loss naturally, which other such products fail to provide.
          32x32It also provides a lot of energy to the body. The ingredients that the product contains replenishes your digestive system. This, in turn, stimulates the creation of blood which provides us with energy. Better the blood that is produced, more energized you feel. It also contains caffeine which is obviously naturally occurring in the ingredient called white tea that it contains.
          32x32Not just that, the product is capable of cleaning the skin as well. As proven by medical research, rashes, blackheads, eczema, pimples, psoriasis and acne are all external infections that have an internal cause – imbalance. The product thus cleans out toxins, wastes, and imbalances that cripple our body which in turn provides us with a cleaner skin.
          32x32The natural ingredients contained in the product show their real power when it comes to weight reduction and reduction of bloating. This occurs due to deposition of fat in and around the stomach and various other parts of the body. The special chemicals, called inhibitors that are contained in the ingredient of the product enter the metabolic chain of the human body and absorb extra electrons that are reduced as a byproduct which is responsible for assimilation and absorption of digested fat. Thus, reduced absorption causes less new fat deposition in the body. Moreover, the inhibitors also increase the metabolism rate which increases the expenditure of energy. Stored fat is then converted to energy which causes a drastic decrease in the amount of stored fat inside our body. The cumulative effect of all these actions together allows you to lose weight effectively, efficiently and naturally.
          32x32Not limited to just the above functions, the product also has a positive effect on your PMS. Due to consumption of the product, the monthly menstrual cycle might become less painful and there should be an increase in the flow. This is because, as mentioned earlier, Tiny Tea increases blood flow. Tiny Tea nourishes the body in order to provide you with nourished healthy blood.


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          Your Tea is one of its kinds and it never stops to impress you. Your Tea has a lot of products: Tiny Tea Teatox (28 days) Costs $ 55.00 USD There is another variant which is the same for 14 days which costs $ 35.00 USD

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